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Noucor was founded with one main goal: to turn our extensive knowledge and broad experience into high-quality products and reliable solutions for the health ecosystem.

The key elements of our value proposition are innovation and talent, as they add excellency to the provided service. We aim to work closely with our customers and suppliers, and to become a trustworthy strategic partner.

Our international presence makes us an exceptional partner for the development of worldwide added-valued pharmaceutical drugs.

Developing niche value added products

Generic drugs

We develop active substances and elaborate complete generic drug dossiers in order to license them to third party companies across the world.

What truly makes us the ideal partner for the co-development of products is our pragmatic approach and flexibility. At present, 30% of our projects are carried out in co-partnership with third-party companies.

We also elaborate and commercialise generic product dossiers as a complement to our manufacturing. Being in possession of our facilities and having our own chemical plant allows us for a much more competitive and flexible position within the pharmaceutical industry.

New Chemical Entities

At New Chemical Entities (NCE) we develop and license our NCEs globally. We are now present in over 70 countries.

In addition, our Marketing and Medical Advice teams provide assistance to all of our partners.

Contract Manufacturing

We have facilities of the highest quality at our disposal all set for the manufacturing of solid and semi-solid products. We are fully aware of the importance of exceptional customised service to our partners, therefore, we are constantly striving to do an excellent job so as to attain a higher level of flexibility and promptness, and to become more competitive at the same time.

We adapt ourselves to our customers’ demands by providing them with personalised attention and by adjusting our processes to meet their requirements.

Driving innovation
for Health

We focus on offering a reliable cost-efficiency service of the highest quality through a partnership system in which we provide flexible solutions, and adapt ourselves to meet our customers needs.

Our facilities at Noucor include a chemical plant (Urquima), a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, and a Food Supplements plant. Our customer-oriented philosophy along with our assets provide a rapid execution time and offer an operational system of superior quality which allows us to reduce costs.

Urquima, our chemical plant

At our chemical plant URQUIMA, we develop and manufacture active substances such as NCE’s and API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), as well as generic products, on an industrial scale for the pharmaceutical industry. Urquima is located in Barcelona alongside a modern pilot plant with a wide-ranging selection of the latest technologies, R&D and QC labs.

The plant has been inspected and given approval by the main leading-world authorities (AEMPS, FDA, and PMDA – Japanese).

Due to our proactive approach, and our ability to develop and manufacture products through a non-infringing process, many US customers have already benefited from drug marketing exclusivity on several occasions.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and Food supplements plant

Our production capacity at our pharmaceutical plant includes the manufacturing of excellent pills, tablets, capsules, film-coated tablets, effervescent tablets, powder, pharmaceutical granules, creams, and ointments.

We can find the food supplements plant next to the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Not only is it fully equipped with cutting-edge technology but also with GMPs foods and ISO 22000.