At NOUCOR we trust in people, we promote their development and we are committed to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

We believe in people

At NOUCOR we are driven by people. Our daily work is based on teamwork, innovation and passion for our customers.  We are passionate about what we do, and that is why we trust and promote the development of every person who is part of the company, focusing on their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Our culture promotes diversity, equality and inclusion and is committed to a new flexible and motivating leadership.

We are driven to build an organisation in which people's experience is a means of engagement, attraction and development of talent, always making people our focus and priority.


We make a bid for talent


We firmly believe in Internal Talent, and for this reason we foster its development and growth by investing in the training and internal promotion of the people.

Our leadership style focuses on helping and mentoring people to bring out their best, by enhancing the autonomy, commitment and empowerment of our teams.

In addition, at Noucor we have our innovative Annual Trainee Program, which prioritises the growth and confidence of our young talents, helping them to awaken their full potential.


We are flexible


At Noucor we care about people and their work-life balance. In our company we have different working models depending on the role and the area of the organisation you work in. All our models are based on trust as a basic principle, to increase the commitment and efficiency of Noucor’s employees.

We look after you


At Noucor, people’s health and wellbeing are our priority and are part of our purpose. Our Wellness programme works on the physical and mental health, nutrition and social wellbeing of our teams. We want to take care of you and make you feel good, so we carry out different actions to make your day-to-day life easier, more enjoyable and happier.

We are committed


At Noucor, our commitment to improving people's health and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world is in our DNA.

One of our objectives as a company is to work for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.  We are proud that almost 50% of our employees are women, demonstrating our dedication to promoting diversity and gender equality.


We are all Noucor


At Noucor we are a big family that enjoys the moments we spend together. In our daily, we are professionals highly committed to the company's purpose, but we also take advantage of the moments to share, get to know each other and enjoy ourselves together.

Our values drive us


At Noucor we are driven by our values. Our culture is a reflection of who we are and how we move forward united for a common purpose.

Innovation, Unity, Passion for the Customer, Commitment and Trust are our driving force, and it is thanks to them that we are building Noucor.


We reinvent ourselves to keep on building


Working together for the same goal

Passion for the customer

With passion for our customers


We believe in what we do and deliver


We trust in people

About us

Edgar Roselló
Business Development Manager

Noucor has shown interest and confidence in my career development through new opportunities. I am proud to be part of a dedicated and ambitious team that is willing to work together to ensure that the objectives are met. Working alongside good people and professionals makes my daily life much easier.

Miguel Alberca
Pharmaceutical Production Operator

Personally I like working at Noucor because I feel fulfilled at work. It is a pharmaceutical company with many possibilities, and best of all is the work environment, which is AMAZING.

Noemí Zampalo
Project Manager

Working at Noucor has been an opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge I have acquired throughout my professional career. I am passionate about the job of Project Manager, and even more so surrounded by exceptional colleagues who are 100% involved in the company's project.

The best thing about Noucor? People.

Sergi Rubert
Head of Tax 

NOUCOR is a challenging project, but we also have a lot of fun working on it. NOUCOR allows me to contribute all my previous knowledge, listening and adopting proposals for improvement, and at the same time allows me to train and acquire knowledge in areas and issues that I had to develop.

Above all, I would highlight the human and professional quality of the entire team and the trust that the management places in each of us.

Rosa Castro
Head of IT

I value being able to work with a team of involved professionals, with a lot of knowledge and a desire to add value from technology.  We are driven to improve every day!  Great team!

Beatriz Pinto
Quality Assurance Technician

Working at Noucor means working as part of a team, a strong, committed and motivating team, which gives you the opportunity to contribute innovative ideas that guarantee the quality of the medicines we manufacture.

Working at Noucor means feeling that every person counts.

Luis Caldes
API Quality Control Technician

Noucor is an exciting challenge, where every day brings new knowledge and experiences, where I enjoy being part of a great, committed and supportive team, which gives me the security of doing a good job.

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