At NOUCOR we work to provide solutions to improve people's quality of life while also guaranteeing the company's sustainability, allowing us to reinvest in reducing the environmental impact of our activity and contribute to people's wellbeing and development.


We innovate and engage with you to improve people's health and contribute to a more sustainable world.


We turn our knowledge and experience into high-quality products and reliable solutions for the healthcare ecosystem by working closely with our customers and B2B suppliers.


To be the trusted strategic partner in B2B for the development of high value-added pharmaceutical products of the highest quality, aiming to meet the health needs of the world's population.

Who we are

We are a recently created chemical-pharmaceutical company, but with a long track record and history of almost two centuries in the sector. Our business is focused on research, development, licensing, manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical products.

At Noucor we are currently backed up by MCH Private Equity and a private group of investors, Family Offices.

We have a B2B business model, having a presence in more than 100 markets worldwide and extensive knowledge and experience in offering quality products and solutions in the healthcare ecosystem.

Our headquarters are located near Barcelona. We have an innovative focus with an industrial vocation, with three manufacturing plants: a fine chemicals plant (Urquima), dedicated to the production of active ingredients, a pharmaceutical plant and one plant exclusively focused on the production of food supplements.

The three production centers employ more than 470 people.

Our Value

Intellectual Property and Patents
Development of APIs and Finished Product (NCEs, VAMs and GX) NCEs: New Chemical Entities
VAM: Value Added Medicines
GX: Generics
Preclinical and clinical development
Manufacture, analysis and release
Marketing Support


Legal principles

We all have the primary and imperative duty to observe both the current legislation and Noucor's internal regulations that are applicable in the exercise of our professional roles and duties.


Observance of human rights, diversity and equal opportunities

Noucor fully believes in the benefits of diversity within the organization and is therefore committed to providing equal opportunities in access to employment and career advancement, rejecting any discrimination on any of the above or any other grounds.

Integrity, honesty, trust and transparency

We must all perform our work diligently and with integrity, understood as honesty and good professional practices.

Respect for the environment

At Noucor we are committed to the planet. We believe that caring for people's health must always be done with due respect for the environment in which they live. We consider that respect for the environment is an obligation for the whole of society, for ourselves and for sustainability, both now and for future generations.

Respect for Noucor’s image and reputation

Noucor considers respect for the organisation's image and reputation to be one of its most valuable assets, resulting in the perception of a company with integrity and respect for its stakeholders.

Compliance Channel

If you have any information about an unlawful act or a breach of Noucor's internal regulations, you can report your concern through our whistleblowing channel.

Your complaint will be handled anonymously and confidentially.

Compliance Channel

Report 2022

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Noucor in Figures

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generation of solar energy for self-consumption of 22% of the energy required at the center of Palau